Francesca Fraser

Welcome to the world Francesca the latest descendant of the Doncaster Scottings (Charles Henry and Nellie). She is the daughter of Carrie Ann Nolan and Ross Fraser born in Southport, Merseyside 23rd July 2018 weighing 8lb 4ozs.


To date we have just over 200 descendants recorded from the founders of the Doncaster Dynasty Charles Henry and Nellie. They had ten children, nine surviving to adulthood. Francesca is descended from the second oldest of these Charles Wilmot.

Her direct lineage from Charles Henry and Nellie is-

Charles Henry x Sarah Ellen (Nellie) Platts

Charles Wilmot x Lilian Clarke

Colin x Mavis Powls

Scott Fraser x Janette Scotting

Ross Fraser x Carrie Ann Nolan

Congratulations Ross and Carrie!

And here is a quick PDF tree of her Scotting ancestors.

Ancestors_of_Francesca FRASER (2018 – )

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