Wilfred Henry Scotting

Wilfred Henry was born in 1893 at 10 John St. Bury, the son of Alfred and Clara Jane Scotting.

He died on 9th May 1915 on board the hospital ship HMS Franconia from wounds sustained at the second battle of Krithia, Gallipoli. He was buried at sea off the Greek Island of Tenedos.

Wilfred was a private in the Lancashire Fusiliers, having signed up in 1910.

Prior to the war he worked at Athertons wood yard

The Second Battle of Krithia continued the Allies‘ attempts to advance on the Helles battlefield during the Battle of Gallipoli of the First World War. The village of Krithia and neighbouring hill of Achi Baba had to be captured in order for the British to advance up the Gallipoli peninsula to the forts that controlled passage of the Dardanelles straits. A small amount of ground was captured after two days of costly fighting but the objectives remained out of reach.


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