Edward Scotting (1650-1711)

To date we have yet to find a Scotting family member who isn’t descended from Edward. He was married four times but we only have records of children from two of his marriages. It is hard to be 100% accurate due to the fact that central birth, marriage and death records weren’t started until 1837. So we are reliant on parish records and wills to provide us with information about Edward, his wives and offspring.

The first time Edward enters the record is in 1676 when he marries Margarett Craske on May 5th in Downham Market.

They had no children that we know off and she died in 1682.

He marries his second wife Jane sometime around 1683 but no record for this event has been found.

They have five children:

Richard 1694 | Edward 1685 | Catherine 1687 | Jane 1689 | William 1691

In April 1694 he marries his third wife Hannah Beaton at Ely Holy Trinity. She dies in 1698 and is buried in Littleport.

They have two children:

John 1695 | Francis 1696

His last marriage to fourth wife Margarett Emerson takes places in 1704 at Downham Market.

They had no children before Edward died in 1711.

Four of his sons survived into adulthood, married and had children.

Richard | Edward | William |Francis

However only the offspring of Francis flourished, and it is from him and his line that we are all descended.