Famous Scottings

Well maybe not Hollywood famous, although we do have an opera singer, a family band and an eminent scientist, in the family.

This page highlights individuals of interest in the family.

Please note, this is not the definitive list as we grow as a family and new achievements occur and information is uncovered we will add more folks.

  • Edward Scotting “The Founder”. The person from whom we all appear to be descended.
  • John William Scotting (1882-1915). Served in both the Boer War and First World War.
  • Charles Henry and Sarah Ellen (Nellie) Scotting. The founders of the Doncaster Dynasty, with over 200 descendants found to date.
  • The Scott Family band Raymond Scotting his wife June and their son Garry performed regularly on the Northern club circuit and later at their own pub in Tenerife.

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