Littleport in Cambridgeshire was for around two hundred years years home to the largest concentration of Scottings in the world. It is from here that all Scottings can trace their roots back to Edward Scotting (1759-1816).


From around 1719-the marriage of William Scotting (1696-1743) until 1924– the death of Charles Scotting (1849-1924). The village was home to a number of Scotting families. They owned land, ran pubs, and gave the family name to a bridge. The parish church of St. George’s saw weddings, baptisms and funerals.

Mirroring the social trends in the rest of England resulting from the Industrial revolution. The family moved away from the land, left the village and spread out throughout the world. Until today, no Scotting’s live in Littleport.

Sadly the only physical evidence that remains of the family ever having lived here is the name of John William Scotting on the war memorial.

Scotting’s Bridge

From 1730 until 1743 Francis Scotting (1696-1743) ran the ferry across the River Great Ouse. It became known as “Scotting’s Ferry” and the name passed to the bridge that was built to replace the ferry in 1770.

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The Bridge Hotel

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